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First some fish, then the Bürgenstock!

Hiking Trail
3.2 km
Travel time
approx. 1 ½ h
Tour details
Tour details
First some fish, then the Bürgenstock!
By ship to Kehrsiten
Photo: Roland Blättler, Nidwalden Tourismus
First some fish, then the Bürgenstock!
Views of Kehrsiten
Photo: Nidwalden Tourismus, Nidwalden Tourismus
First some fish, then the Bürgenstock!
Fish "Müllerinnen Art" at Seehotel Baumgarten
Photo: Seehotel Baumgarten, Nidwalden Tourismus
First some fish, then the Bürgenstock!
Stairs to Bürgenstock Resort
Photo: Nidwalden Tourismus, Nidwalden Tourismus
First some fish, then the Bürgenstock!
Tender veal skewer from the grill at Bernadette Odermatt-Felber, Swisstavolata
Photo: Bernadette Odermatt-Felber, Swisstavolata, Nidwalden Tourismus
Kehrsiten – Bürgenstock
The two piers in Canton Nidwalden at the part of the lake known as the "Chrütztrichter" (cross funnel), Kehrsiten-Dorf and Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock, can be reached by boat from Stansstad, Hergiswil or Lucerne. You then pass through fruit trees and steeply over the Tritt and suspended stairs to the Bürgenstock Resort. Where to eat on the way: the Seehotel Baumgarten in Kehrsiten is popular for its fresh fish specialities, while Bernadette Odermatt-Felber serves meals on her farm in Obbürgen in a cosy wood-panelled parlour, including a vegetable carpaccio with balsamic cream as a starter. For reservations visit www.swisstavolata.ch .

Technical details

Tour type
Hiking Trail
Starting point
Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock oder Kehrsiten-Dorf
Point of arrival
Bürgenstock Resort
3 / 6
442 m
15 m
Best Time of Year
March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October
From the Kehrsiten-Dorf pier, the path immediately climbs towards the Bürgenstock. The Restaurant Seehotel Baumgarten is not far from the route. The going gets steeper over the Tritt and up the suspended stairs – it should take you 1 hr 20 min. to reach the Bürgenstock.
Author’s advice
Be sure to try the "Müllerinnen Art" fish at the Seehotel Baumgarten in Kehrsiten.
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Good to know

Arrival / Return journey
 Boat to Kehrsiten-Dorf.
Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
By boat to Kehrsiten-Dorf, then down from the Bürgenstock by funicular to the lake, or a bus ride to Stansstad.
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