Steiböckli – coffee and wine bar, Stans

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Visiting the Steiböckli

The Steiböckli coffee and wine bar is located at the foot of Stans's local mountain – the Stanserhorn, which gets plenty of early morning sunshine. It's a great place to meet.

On offer are breakfast, mid-morning snacks, lunch and cake. On the evening menu are aperitif platters and savoury tarts, accompanied by wine, gin or fruit squashes. Enjoy a civilised cup of afternoon tea or an equally agreeable coffee, of which there are many blends. The Steiböckli has something for everyone – couples, singles, friends, and private or business groups. In a word – it's cosy!


Location and contact

Stansstaderstrasse 17
6370 Stans
+41 (0)41 530 02 02