Original Orangenmost

This beverage from Nidwalden was created in 1947, since when it has enjoyed something of a cult following.

The sweet and refreshing carbonated beverage is a blend of apples and oranges. The exact recipe, however, is top secret.

It was created by the Kaeslin family from Beckenried. The family's juicing facilities were established in 1882 and are one of the oldest in Canton Nidwalden. They were acquired in the noughties by Getränke Lussi AG, which took over the manufacturing activities and sales. The beverage may be found in almost every gastro establishment, Getränke Lussi AG sales outlet and independent retailer in Nidwalden.


Location and contact

Getränkemarkt Lussi
Stansstaderstrasse 63a
6370 Stans
+41 (0)41 618 62 10