Schoggi Stübli, Buochs

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Welcome to our Schoggi Stübli in the heart of Buochs

Let yourself be enchanted by the homely nature of the Schoggi Stübli, the seductive scent of chocolate and our wonderful creations, which are made by hand in the Stübli.

We like to invest our time in handmade things and crafts. And so, in the Schoggistübli we give our best, our skills.

The Schoggistübli is idyllically located in the heart of Buochs, on the village street, right next to the village stream.

When customers come to the Schoggistübli, they can watch us at work.

Or walkers, as they walk past, look through the shop window directly at the worktable, where pralines are covered and decorated with chocolate by hand, where tree nuts are chopped and almonds are caramelized, where chocolate is spread by hand and marzipan is grated with an old rolling machine just like in the old days.

Chocolate Workshop for small groups

Our creations, which we offer in the Schoggistübli, are made exclusively in our small Stübli.

We also offer chocolate workshops for small groups (2-5 people). Duration approx 3 to 3 ½ hours.

Date/price and program on request.

Registration: 041 620 63 74 or info@schoggi-stuebli.ch

Location In the village, accessible by public transport and centrally located
Type of cuisine Confiserie with a little Coffee
Services For groups and events

Location and contact

Schoggi Stübli GmbH
Dorfstrasse 3
6374 Buochs
+41 (0)41 620 63 74