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Mysterious Nidwaldnerland

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The book "Mysterious Nidwaldnerland" brings the tradition of Central Switzerland to life

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Read a short story about the Risleten gorge in Beckenried

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In one short story you get to know the "Butzis".

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A story with "Samichlaus" must not be missing

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At the end there is a story about christmas


"With the publication of this booklet, I am fulfilling a lifelong dream of my own," says the author, Regula Aeppli-Fankhauser from Beckenried, delightedly explaining what her work is about. The 41-page booklet can be ordered from any bookshop.

Place of action and language

"My five short stories for children are about the canton of Nidwalden. In them I bring the character of Central Switzerland and its traditions to life," she says, adding: "Michaela O'Connor, a friend, has translated the German texts into English. Every story can be read on the left in German and on the right in English.

Content of the stories

Dinosaur (with reading sample)

The dinosaur story takes place in summer and includes the fact that there are actually several dinosaur tracks on a rock in Beckenried.


The mysterious door into the land of the dinosaurs

Dina poked the glowing coals of the campfire with a stick, and sighed. She hadn't been given a choice as to whether to come on the family outing to Beckenried or not. She was bored, and she had no idea that the day would take an exciting turn very soon.

“The two D's - Dario and Dina, the dream couple. And where is your darling Dario right now?” teased her brother Gian. Brothers could be so annoying. So she liked playing with Dario, so what? That certainly didn't make him her “darling”! Dina's cheeks were glowing almost as red as the coals on which their sausages had recently been sizzling. She looked to her parents for help. But her mother was dozing on a towel in the shade and her father was keenly watching the rock-climbers on the cliff. He was unlikely to be interested in her complaints about her brother. With a sigh, Dina stood up, brushing the leaves from with both hands, and started heading away from her family, into the nearby undergrowth. “Hey, where are you going?” her brother called after her. “For a wee. And don't you dare come peeping, or I'll tell Mum and Dad on you!” Dina yelled back threateningly, without turning around. She kept walking, slightly surprised that Gian really didn't seem to be following her.
But what was this? Dina found herself standing in front of a weathered door. It must have been blue at one time, but the colour had mostly flaked off. What could be behind it?  The rusty latch opened surprisingly easily.

CHF 5 coin (Fünfliber)

The biggest Swiss coin, the "Fünfliber" plays an important role for the kindergarten child in the winter story.


What is a butzi? It is a wild man who comes to life every autumn in Nidwalden and whom you can meet in person, just like Nina did.

Samichlais (St. Nicholas)

The fact that the Samichlais (St. Nicholas) visits every household in some villages in Nidwalden without prior appointment is unique worldwide.

Christmas market

The annual Christmas market in Stans, includes the "living nativity scene". The nativity scene is represented by adults, children and even animals. A young nativity scene performer experiences that the nativity scene becomes even more alive for him in an extraordinary way".

Children's book with photos

For these children's stories the author has taken the photos herself. She can imagine her work as a first reading book and as a teaching aid in foreign language teaching. It is particularly interesting that the original locations can also be visited. "How nice it would be if families would visit the dinosaur wall in Beckenried, for example, and read the story together. "The mysterious door to dinosaur land", the author imagines.