Säumer festival

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Säumer combine nature and pleasure.

To kick off the Säumer week, a Säumer festival takes place every two years in Stansstad. Immerse yourself in the good old days, when the Säumer shaped everyday life.


"Säumer" has been a craft for centuries, which requires competence with a pack animal for transport services in difficult terrain. An unshakeable character and the responsibility istinguish the "Säumer" for this unique transport trade.

Sbrinz route - to Domodossola

On Sunday in the early afternoon a Säumer train starts: A Säumer train with many mammals and hemmers as well as a companion of hikers. Together the group takes the Sbrinz route to Domodossola under their feet for a week. Every evening, a reception awaits the participants at the stage location with a local festival, where the culture of the valley community can be felt.

Programme 2023

2. - 9. July

Guided tour

19. - 20. August

Säumer festival

20. - 27. August

Säumer hiking week

1. - 8. October

Guided tour


Location and contact

Förderverein Sbrinz-Route
Spichermatt 17
6370 Stans
+41 79 214 44 12