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Stans Lacht humour festival

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Oropax is a comedy duo from Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, Bild: Stans Lacht, 2018

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Ursus & Nadeschkin is a comedy duo from Switzerland, photo: Stans Lacht, 2010


The Stans Lacht humour Festival first took place in 2004. Very small with only three performances and 100 visitors each in the Chäslager. Together with the audience and the comedians, the Humorfestival grew from year to year. New halls were added which offered space for more well-known artists and the audience went from hall to hall.

Stans Lacht today
Today Stans Lacht is one of the most popular humour festivals among comedians and spectators. The main programme takes place during five evenings with a total of more than 2000 visitors in the theatre hall of the Kollegium.


Location and contact

Stans Lacht Humorfestival
Grauenstein 3
6052 Hergiswil