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Stalden, view towards the village of Stans,
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Views of Stans and Bürgenberg

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The region exuding charm. The capital of Canton Nidwalden has it all. Museums, historical buildings and a rich cultural life make Stans a popular place to stay.

Village life and traditions

Stans offers an attractive programme of events for locals and tourists alike. Festivities take place all year round, including the Stanser Summer, Winkelried Festivities and Red and White Picnic. Local products are available at the village square market as well as the alp cheese market, both regular events. Tradition and customs are writ large in Stans: the Älperchilbi fair, for instance, attracts several thousand visitors every year. You can explore Stans using the free map or join a guided tour.

In the absence of sun

There's also a lot to see and do in Stans when it's raining. Regardless of the weather, there are exhibitions in the three Nidwalden museums, there's the "Länderpark" shopping centre (a good place meet friends), and the Rex sports centre offers bowling and tennis.

Stanserhorn, Stans's landmark mountain

A relaxing trip up the Stanserhorn begins with the vintage funicular railway from 1893. At the intermediate terminus of Kälti, you change to the modern CabriO aerial cableway. You can spend the ascent on the cabin's open-air upper deck with the wind in your hair while admiring the wide-ranging views. The alternative is to hike to the summit of the Stanserhorn. Once up there, the revolving restaurant represents the next highlight. You can take a short tour of the summit, meet the friendly Stanserhorn Rangers, discover pretty alpine flowers and observe marmots.

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