Summer and Winter Games, Eventcenter Seelisberg

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Drift Car,
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In autumn,
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Crazy Carts,
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Skid plate action,
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Roof Mission,
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In Winter,
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Let the day end in the cosy log cabin directly at the Eventcenter,
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Event and Road Safety Centre Seelisberg,
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Practise safe vehicle control in a risk-free setting at the most attractive traffic safety centre in Switzerland. The spacious as well as varied facility ensures that learners receive well-grounded driving instruction.

Summer and Winter Games

In the summer and winter games you can score points for skill, stamina and team spirit. There are two disciplines to choose from. The offer for a group, company or club can be extended with various extras.


Disciplines Summer games
  • Slingshot Plate Action
  • Crazy Cart
  • Drift Car
  • Stappler Driving
  • Excavator Driving
  • RaceRoom
  • Playground
Disciplines Winter games
  • Crazy Cart
  • Drift Car
  • RaceRoom
  • Playground

90 minutes

Group size

Up to 20 people


By appointment only

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Location and contact

Eventcenter Seelisberg AG
Laui 1
6377 Seelisberg
+41 (0)41 825 11 22