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It's a real adventure!

Discover all kinds of adventure – all you need is a dash of daring.

Rope park

Experience an up-in-the-air adventure together with your family, friends or even your school class. Rope park staff issue safety instructions before you start – then you're  on your own! The six trails offer varying degrees of difficulty, so you can start gently, climbing from tree to tree and swinging through the air. Push off, let go and off you go!

Bungee jumping

Outventure offers bungee jumping adventures for adrenaline junkies. The 140-metre jump from a Titlis cable car is guaranteed to stand your sensations on their head. You have to be 18 to bungee jump, though 16-year-olds can do so if they have their parents' permission.

Cave tour

The guided cave tour in the Melch valley area has you delving into the underworld. The adventure lasts around six hours and calls for an average level of fitness.


Discover gorges and jump, slide and run through the fabulous scenery of the Schlieren Gorge. Varying levels of challenge are offered, so no one will miss out.


Experience relaxing yoga classes right by Lake Lucerne.


Well secured to a tandem master, jump out of a plane at 4000 m and experience a 50-second freefall.


Experience a bird's eye view of Nidwalden with a tandem paragliding flight. Outventure offers a number of launch sites providing a variety of views.


Location and contact

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