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Alp cheese markets

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Cheese dairy Gerschnialp, Engelberg

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Cheese dairy Stäfeli, Engelberg


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Canton Nidwalden's alp cheese markets offer a wide range of alp and mountain cheeses from the region. The markets also sell meat specialities, farm products and gifts. Nidwalden's alp cheese markets are a popular meeting place for locals and visitors alike.

Nidwalden Alp cheese markets, dates

Alp Cheese Market Nidwalden

Autumn 2022

Market Stans

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The difference between alp cheese and mountain cheese

They may sound like the same thing, but they're not: Alpkäse (alp cheese) and Bergkäse (mountain cheese) are different! Alp cheese is made from raw milk on "alps" (with a lower case "a"), mountain pastures where cows spend the summer grazing fresh grass and alpine herbs. By contrast, mountain cheese can be produced all year round by dairies in mountain regions and is based on milk from cows that graze in the valleys and are fed hay in the winter.