Brother Klaus Way – in the footsteps of the Stans priest

In 1481 civil war was looming between the Eight Ancient States then constituting the Old Confederacy. The priest Heimo Amgrund from Stans hurried to Ranft on the night of 21/22 December 1481 to seek counsel from Brother Klaus; the latter managed to calm the situation. The Brother Klaus Way was inaugurated in 1981.

The Brother Klaus Way, a section of the Way of St. James, was renovated in 2017 and is well signposted. It starts in Stans at the Winkelried monument. The way follows paths through fields and footpaths taking in many vantage points as it heads towards Ennetmoos, Kerns and finally Flüeli-Ranft, where you can visit Flüeli-Ranft chapel and the home of Niklaus von Flüe.

The Eight Ancient States: Uri Country, Schwyz Country, Unterwalden Country, Lucerne Town, Zurich Town, Zug Town and Country, Bern Town and Glarus Country.


Moderate, elevation gain of around 310 metres

Walk time

5 hours


16.5 kilometres

Brother Klaus Way description

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