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Places imbued with power and energy

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The average working day makes demands of our bodies and of our minds. «Places of power» are naturally occurring places imbued with an energy that can be absorbed. They form part of an extensive interplay of energy alignments or «ley lines» with a spiritual significance.

Recharging your batteries in Nidwalden

If you feel tired and lacking in energy, you can reinvigorate yourself by means of the bioenergy or life force of plants or electromagnetic fields.

Much visited «places of power» in Nidwalden:

  • Bürgenstock
  • Stans - Stanserhorn
  • Maria Rickenbach
  • Engstlenalp

Bovis units

The «subtle energy» of these «places of power» can be measured. The French physicist Alfred Bovis (12.1.1871 to 13.11.1947) developed a scale using a pendulum. 6500 Bovis units = neutral value
Values below this suck energy out of us. Values above this feed us with energy. This «subtle energy» is the preserve of those who are willing to accept it.

Closed room: 10 - 20 Bovis units
Foot of a waterfall: 50,000 Bovis units
Grottos: 14,000 Bovis units
Chapels and churches 10,000 - 25,000 Bovis units
Mountains and rock walls 12,000 Bovis units

At 800 metres above sea level and higher, the mountains act like transmitters. Walkers in many of our valleys are able to sense this increased energy and zest for life.


Further information may be found here

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