The diversity of sacred landscapes in Central Switzerland

Monastery Maria Rickenbach


Chapel Maria Sonnenberg in Seelisberg


The region of Nidwalden is replete with interesting places of pilgrimage and sacred buildings of historical and artistic significance.

Mount of Olives chapel, Stans

This little chapel on the west side of Stans parish church was built around 1500. Inside, the Mount of Olives scene shows Christ in prayer alongside the three sleeping disciples, with the approaching soldiers on the far right. The vault depicts evangelist symbols, angels and the instruments of the Passion.

Maria-Rickenbach place of pilgrimage

An ancient, gnarled maple tree once stood where the high altar in the pilgrimage church stands today. The trunk of the tree was hollow, perfect for concealing a statue of the Virgin Mary rescued from an iconoclasm in Meiringen. It subsequently proved impossible to remove the statue from the tree. Chronicles claim that it could be removed only when it was decided to erect a chapel here. A wayside stone shrine was erected to start with, and the statue of the Virgin Mary carefully inserted.

Pay a visit to the convent shop for products from the convent's own herb garden and apothecary.

Kehrsiten chapel

In 1612 Our Lady appeared to two fishermen between two lime trees on the lake shore of Kehrsiten. The two pious men built a small house of prayer at the place of the apparition, which soon attracted the first pilgrims. The Maria in Linden chapel remains a place of veneration for many people seeking solace and counsel.


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