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General notice

Dear guests and visitors
Due to construction works, the railroad line between Stansstad and Engelberg will be closed from 22 March to 18 April 2021. Rail replacement buses will operate.

Experience history in the Schnitz Tower

The Schnitz Tower is the landmark of Stansstad. This fortified edifice, now a vantage point, was built between 1310 and 1315. For centuries it was part of extensive shoreline fortifications. These extended from Harissen Bay to today's Garnhänki on the shores of Lake Alpnach, an arm of Lake Lucerne.

The landmark is owned by Stansstad municipality. This was not always the case, as two-thirds of the tower originally belonged to Canton Obwalden and one-third to Canton Nidwalden. In 1997 Obwalden donated its share to the local municipality. The tower is a listed monument.

Location and opening hours

The tower is situated next to Lake Lucerne and is a few minutes' walk from the Winkelried Hotel. The landmark is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. between 1 May and 30 September


Location and contact

Schnitzturm Stansstad
6362 Stansstad
041 618 24 24