Alpaca walk

2 h
Price children / adults
CHF 25.- / CHF 50.-
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More informationen

Alpaca walk - an experience for young and old.


An experience for young and old.

Fancy a walk with the cute alpacas?
Just relax, be outside, let your mind wander and enjoy the animals and nature.

Embark on an interesting, but also very meditative walk with the alpacas lasting about two hours. After the adventure, you can enjoy a delicious snack on the farm and watch the animals graze for a while.

Gut zu wissen

  • CHF 50.- Adults
  • CHF 25.- Children up to 14 years

Price includes introduction and snack. 


Offer is bookable from 2 persons per:


Location and contact

Alpakas am Waltersberg
Wilgass 32
6370 Oberdorf
+41 (0)79 429 07 72