Pony School Obbürgen

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Franziska Abächerli runs a small farm in Obbürgen together with her friend. This is where Safira, a Freiberger horse, and Bonita, a Shetland-Welsh pony mare, live. They like being involved in activities.

Riding school

The riding school can be attended once a week between the age of 3 and 14. Its motto is "Have fun while riding". Small groups of children are taught everything about the pony.

Children's birthdays

Birthday get-togethers can be accommodated at the riding school: the maximum number of children is seven - plusthe birthday boy or girl. Vouchers for the Obbürgen riding school make a lovely present.

Private lessons

Lessons at short notice can be arranged for visitors - or anyone else!


Location and contact

Ponyschule Obbürgen
6363 Obbürgen
+41 79 271 26 29