Volière Stansstad

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Volière Stansstad

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The Volière Stansstad is located directly on Lake Lucerne. The birds enjoy a magnificent view of the lake and the mountains.

Here you can admire a large number of exotic birds. Birds such as macaws, cockatoos, parakeets and other species can be seen. Even the Turakos, which are rarely kept in an aviary, can be admired in a comfortable free flight together with water fowl.

Friends of the Volière Stansstad

The friends of the Stansstad aviary would like to introduce visitors to the exotic bird species.

Good to know

Arrival By car from Lucerne to Stansstad takes about 10 minutes (motorway exit Stansstad, turn right after the motorway bridge). It is only 15 minutes by train from Lucerne to Stansstad. Arrival by boat is also possible, in only 30 minutes. The Volière is only 5 minutes away on foot (along the lake towards Hergiswil).

Location and contact

Volierenverein Stansstad
Seerosenstrasse 1
6362 Stansstad
041 611 05 59