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Exploring Nidwalden in the saddle

Bicycles from nextbike are available in six municipalities in Nidwalden.

What is nextbike?

nextbike is an international bicycle hire system, which is represented in Switzerland by Caritas Lucerne. Bicycle hire is offered at several locations in Central Switzerland.

nextbike in Nidwalden

The municipalities are keen to get their residents into the saddle more often. After a one-off initial registration at www.takeabike.ch, which costs one franc, obtaining a bike at a nextbike outlet is straightforward: you can use one for up to four hours at no extra cost and as often as you like. The participating nextbike municipalities in Nidwalden are Hergiswil, Ennetmoos, Stans, Stansstad, Oberdorf, Wolfenschiessen, Ennetbürgen, Buochs und Beckenried.

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