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Pony School Obbürgen

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Franziska Abächerli runs a small farm in Obbürgen together with her friend. Safira, a Freiberger horse and the Shetland Welsch pony Bonita also live here and are happy to welcome children attending the pony school.

Pony School

The pony school can be visited once a week from the age of 3 to 14 years. The motto is "riding, playing & fun". In small groups the children are taught everything about ponies.

Children's birthdays

Children's birthdays can also be celebrated in the pony school. The birthday child may bring a maximum of 7 friends. If you would like to give a special gift, there are vouchers of the pony school available.

Private lessons

Are you interested in a private lesson? You can also take part spontaneus as a holiday guest or beginner.


Location and contact

Ponyschule Obbürgen
6363 Obbürgen
+41 79 271 26 29