Fruit Educational Trail Kehrsiten

Best season
March - October
Map of Kehrsiten
Map of Kehrsiten
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View of the Kehrsiten fruit trail and Lake Lucerne
Photo: Kurverein Kehrsiten




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Cherry "Barth" is a Spezia Rara variety and was planted in 1998.
Photo: Kurverein Kehrsiten




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Chestnut "Massol"
Photo: Kurverein Kehrsiten




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Ceramic Sign "Wildmuser Apple" with detailed description
Photo: Kurverein Kehrsiten

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The fruit educational trail leads along the hiking trail to Bürgenstock
Photo: Kurverein Kehrsiten


The Fruit educational trail in Kehrsiten leads past 26 traditional fruit varieties and is freely accessible from March to October. Some of these are ProSpecieRara varieties. These are therefore site-specific crops that are threatened with extinction. The trees are cultivated by Christoph Ulrich and Luzia Zwyssig from the organic farm Hobiel.


The Fruit educational trail is directly on the hiking trail from the Kehrsiten-Dorf boat station to Bürgenstock. It starts at Seehotel Baumgarten and leads along the Schwandstrasse up to Schwand. The path is freely accessible at all times, guided tours on request.

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Educational fruit trail Kehrsiten

3) Fruit educational trail is located directly on the hiking trail from the Kehrsiten-Dorf boat station to Bürgenstock and starts at Seehotel Baumgarten 4) Seehotel Baumgarten (open in summer) 5) School 6) Information board chestnut grove 7) Biohof Hobiel 8) "Ministry of Culture"- Kehrsiten 9) Chapel Maria in Linden 10) Kehrsiten-Dorf boat station 11) Lake dwellings under water / UNESCO World Heritage Site


How did it all start?

Robi Zwyssig and the Kurverein Kehrsiten had the idea of the fruit educational trail. In 2014 a team went to work. The fruit varieties were documented and photographed. This resulted in a lovingly drawn map. On the back of the folding map there are pictures and descriptions of the different types of fruit. The fruit tree trail has been open to visitors since summer 2015. The tree boards were sponsored by the Kurverein Kehrsiten.


By boat

Boat trip to the Kehrsiten-Dorf or Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock boat station

By Funicular

The Bürgenstock funicular brings you from Bürgenstock Resort down to Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock.

On foot

From Stansstad you can reach Kehrsiten-Dorf in 1h 15 min / 4.2 km


Location and contact

Kurverein Kehrsiten
6365 Kehrsiten