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Choltal Biketour, Emmetten
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Biketransport, Gondelbahn Emmetten-Stockhütte

Mountain biking

Discover the area on two wheels. Whether you ride comfortably along the lakes or master a challenging single trail: the possibilities are unlimited. Discover the most beautiful trails for your mountain bike vacations in Nidwalden.


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  • E-Bike trails in Nidwalden & Obwalden (german) (11 MB)
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Wood Trail and Natural Bikepark, Emmetten (german)


Wood Trail and Natural Bikepark, Emmetten (german)

Trail rules

The mountain-biker’s code be a likeable biker!
mountain bikers…

… are tolerant and considerate.

  • Respect the rights of way of other trail users.
  • Announce your presence in plenty of time – and there’s always time for a quick hello.
  • Reduce your speed when overtaking, or crossing someone’s path. If necessary, stop.
  • Avoid busy sections.

… protect what they love.

  • Only ride on designated roads, paths, trails and marked slopes
  • Do not leave the designated routes.
  • Respect trail closures and protected areas.

… are considerate of wild animals and farm animals.

  • If you encounter an animal, stop and wait until it has gone on its way.
  • Close all gates after passing through them.
  • Pass herds of animals and guard dogs on foot, calmly, and at a respectful distance.
  • Do not ride on trails at night.

... leave no traces.

  • Avoid hard braking and skidding – that damages both the trail and your tyres.
  • After rainfall, avoid unpaved surfaces.
  • Take your litter home.

… stay in control.

  • Always maintain an adequate stopping sight distance.
  • Adapt your speed to the circumstances.
  • Plan your tour; realistically assess your own abilities and the weather.

... are well equipped and well informed.

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Always take along a repair kit and first-aid kit.
  • Warm, waterproof clothes are required on bike tours.
  • Make sure your bike is roadworthy.
  • In emergencies, ask for help. Emergency number: 112, Rega air rescue: 1414

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Follow these rules and be a good ambassador for our sport. Be considerate of others – Share the Trail!