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Paragliding tandem – Benno Bachmann

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Flight over Lucerne, Photo: paraglidingtandem.ch

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Photo: paraglidingtandem.ch

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Photo: paraglidingtandem.ch


Tandem paragliding means discovering Nidwalden and Central Switzerland from a bird's eye view. Regardless of the season, if the weather's good, you can fly. You don't need any previous knowledge or particular physical fitness.

Taster flights

Taster flights are intended for beginners and last up to 20 minutes. Depending on the weather, flights take place in the Engelberg valley and around Wolfenschiessen, Grafenort, Engelberg and at the Niederbauen in Emmetten, and in the Klewenalp Beckenried region.

Panoramic flight

Panoramic flights last up to 30 minutes. In Nidwalden the launch sites are on the Stanserhorn, at Klewenalp and Emmetten and on the Pilatus.

Day tours

This flight experience can be tailored to your wishes. You can choose between shorter distances with stopovers or one long-distance flight lasting several hours. That said, long-distance flying calls for appropriate preparation and stamina.

Thermal flights

During a thermal flight, you'll be in the air for up to 60 minutes, depending on the presence of thermals (warm air rising).


Taster flights

CHF 150

Panoramic flights

CHF 180

Day tours

CHF 530

Thermal flights

CHF 240


Location and contact

Allmendstrasse 15
6382 Büren NW
+41 (0)77 410 55 36