Icefield Seehotel Pilatus

Ice skating at the Seehotel Pilatus.


Ice skating directly on Lake Lucerne. During the winter months this is possible on the terrace of the Seehotel Pilatus in Hergiswil.

The Seehotel Pilatus also offers a lot of entertainment and activities during the cold days of the year. Whether you want to warm up by the fire after skating on our own icefield or treat yourself to a glass of punch while curling. From six people you can even enjoy a fine cheese fondue or Älplermagronen (cheese macaroni) in the beautifully garden. If you prefer to escape the cold, there is the famous Fondue Chinoise Buffet inside in the warmth.



End of November until Feburary


Location and contact

Seehotel Pilatus
Seestasse 34
6052 Hergiswil NW
+41 (0)41 632 30 30