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Fatbike on the Wirzweli

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With the Fatbike through the deep snow, with Lukas Stöckli

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With the Fatbike through the deep snow, with Lukas Stöckli

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With the Fatbike on forest roads


Ride a Fatbike through a snowy winter world.

Ride a Fatbike on the Wirzweli at 1200 meters above sea level. Exciting Fatbike experiences await you. From Dallenwil we reach Wirzweli in only 10 minutes by cable car Dallenwil-Wirzweli. On the way we are with the Fatbike on pressed tracks, toboggan runs, snowshoe trails and also Fatbike Trails. All trails are located in avalanche safe areas.

Fatbike rental in Wirzweli rental centre

If you do not own a Fatbike, you can easily rent a Fatbike on the Wirzweli. Would you prefer a bike with or without an engine? Various Fatbikes from Maxon-Motor and Fusion World Alpnach are available. To the terms (german only)

Rental prices per day

eBike CHF 50.00
Fatbike CHF 40.00
Bicycle lock inclusive
Charger (eBike) inclusive
1 battery with key (eBike) inclusive
Helmet (S,M,L) CHF 5.00
2. battery with key CHF 100.00 deposit fee (will be refunded on return)

Fatbike with Lukas Stöckli

Are you planning a winter event? With the Bike Guide Lukas Stöckli you will discover unique Fatbike Trails. Book individual Fatbike tours like combined Fatbike snow shoe tour, powder biking in the light of the full moon, Fatbike riding technique and much more.


Location and contact

Fatbike auf dem Wirzweli
Vermietcenter Wirzweli
6383 Wirzweli
+41 41 628 02 68